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Who Is Mike?

Mike Miller is the principal of PlanFIRST, Inc., an asset management and financial planning firm in Greenville, SC. Mike has also been a regular speaker at retirement planning seminars for several corporations. He graduated from Bob Jones University with a degree in accounting. In 1982, Mike co-founded PlanFIRST, Inc., and in 1985, he became a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. He is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the Greenville Estate Planning Council and is past president of the South Carolina Financial Planning Association. Mike became a Qualified Kingdom Advisor to provide a Christian perspective on financial planning and investing. Mike enjoys golfing and relaxing with his wife, Cathy, and their four grown children. Mike and Cathy are active members at Mitchell Road Presbyterian Church.

Mike’s Bio

Radio host, entrepreneur, father, husband, speaker, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, and “The Money Man” are some of the titles that describe Mike Miller. Mike received his B.A. in accounting from Bob Jones University and, after his schooling, entered the insurance business. Mike became assistant manager of the agency branch and, during this time, acquired his Chartered Life Underwriter designation. While working as an assistant manager, Mike began to envision how he believed comprehensive financial advising (which is much more than just insurance planning) should truly be handled. He no longer wanted to work for a company; instead, he wanted to work independently for the client, which would enable him to tailor specific financial strategies to each client he served. This innovative idea became his business philosophy. Having this desire to serve clients in a unique way, Mike decided to create a business that encompassed his belief and vision for financial planning, and in 1984, PlanFIRST was born. PlanFIRST, an asset management and financial planning firm, was designed to help people increase their effectiveness in being wise stewards of their God-given assets and resources. The professional staff at PlanFIRST not only provide solid counsel, but they also build relationships that span generations. Mike has never been afraid to combine his faith and his business, and he is open about what he believes, while providing the service of sound financial advice.

Mike is also a prominent public figure in the Greenville area of South Carolina. He is involved in many local groups and programs, such as being a member and previous president of the South Carolina Financial Planning Association and a previous board member of the Greenville Estate Planning Council. Mike has been a regular on WYFF Channel 4 news, where he received the iconic nickname “The Money Man.” Each Saturday morning, Mike hosts the popular radio program Talking Money® on 94.5 The Answer. He has served on the board of Grace Harbor Ministries. He and his staff at PlanFIRST also participate in local volunteer opportunities to help numerous organizations, charities, and churches. Believe it or not, Mike also has time for his personal hobbies, like golfing and landscaping (not for hire!). Mike’s favorite hobby is spending quality time with his wife, Cathy.

Certified Financial Planner™

Mike Miller has had his CFP® certification since 1985. Acquiring certification is a rigorous process. Only approximately 62,000 individuals have obtained CFP® certification. It is recognized in the U.S. and in a number of other countries for its high standard of professional education, stringent code of conduct and standards of practice, and ethical requirements that govern professional engagements with clients. Before starting the process of becoming a CFP® professional, one must accomplish a preliminary education requirement, such as a bachelor’s degree or obtaining a certain designation. Next, one must take and pass a two-day, ten-hour exam that has been considered one of the most difficult of any profession. Third, one must obtain a certain amount of experience in the field before being deemed a CFP® professional. After receiving the certification, each CFP® professional must complete 30 hours of continuing education every two years in order to keep it in force. Mike has held this CFP® certification for over 30 years, which shows dedication, discipline, and passion for what he does.

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Radio Host

Since 2007, Mike Miller has broadcasted live on the popular Saturday morning show Talking Money® on 94.5 The Answer. Mike covers an array of topics, ranging from financial planning basics to advanced estate planning techniques. Using his 30-plus years of experience as a CFP® professional, Mike provides an objective and thorough explanation to all your financial questions. If you have a question you would like for him to answer on the radio, call the studio toll-free at 877-235-9405 during the show times. You can also email your questions by clicking here on “Ask Mike a Question.”

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